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Saber is a proven platform for modeling and simulating physical systems, enabling full-system virtual prototyping for applications in analog/power electronics, electric power generation/conversion/distribution and mechatronics. Decades of industry success and innovation have earned Saber a reputation as the solution of choice for design validation and optimization for automotive, aerospace, industrial power and energy systems.

  Focus: Virtualize power electronic and mechatronic systems to optimize performance and reliability   Key benefits and design goals:  


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SABER Package


SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems and multi-domain physical systems. With the proven Saber® simulation technology at its core, SaberRD combines ease of use with the power to handle today’s complex electrical power problems, allowing engineers to explore design performance, optimize robustness and assure system reliability for a broad range of generation, conversion and distribution applications.

You can add-on 4 modules to SABER RD:

Inspecs: Perform statistical simulation and optimization to improve design yield and performance.

Functional Safety: Model and simulate faults to identify failure modes that cause safety critical malfunctions and design and verify safety mechanisms.

Runtime: Improve throughput and reduce time with distributed computing

Component: Improve design fidelity by using supplier models in SABER Designs.

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SABER Electrical System Designer (ESD)

Quickly and Reliably Design and Verify Vehicle Electrical Systems.

Vehicle electrical systems distribute power and data amongst electrical subsystems and components enabling safe, efficient, and cost-effective vehicle operation. With its myriad of complexities and interdependencies on all connected sub-systems, the electrical system design process poses significant technical and logistical challenges to make it function reliably.


SaberES Designer™ enables design teams to address these challenges by providing an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing. SaberES Designer minimizes data entry, manages complex, system-wide design variants, enables concurrent engineering, maintains data integrity, and allows efficient exchange with 3D CAD systems.

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Summary of the package and modules:



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