SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems and multi-domain physical systems. With the proven Saber® simulation technology at its core, SaberRD combines ease of use with the power to handle today’s complex electrical power problems, allowing engineers to explore design performance, optimize robustness and assure system reliability for a broad range of generation, conversion and distribution applications. SaberRD’s true multi-domain physical modeling capability and unmatched analysis capabilities provide engineers with a virtual prototyping platform that supports complete system design. With an intuitive and flexible user interface for casual and expert users alike, SaberRD accelerates design for engineering organizations in automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial power.









Quick Virtual Prototyping of Complex Power Electronic Systems


Explore, Measure and Optimize Power System Performance


Unmatched Multi-Domain Modeling Capabilities


One Environment for the Enterprise





The Saber Inspecs enables system engineers to move beyond nominal design practice to model and simulate how design performance changes with manufacturing variation and shifting operating conditions. Saber Inspecs Add-on extends SaberRD to include Robust Design modeling and simulation capabilities including Monte Carlo, sensitivity, worse-case and stress analysis required to improve system yield and reduce field failures.


Benefits of Robust Design Methodology




Design and Safety Engineers can validate safety levels and fault recovery & mitigation systems using Saber Functional Safety Add-on. Users quickly select and configure hardware faults from the SaberRD Schematic to model different functional safety scenarios. Real-world hazards can be simulated by setting fault timing and injecting multiple faults to match a particular failure mode. Exported functional safety simulation results via SaberRD Experiment Analyzer are used to document fault coverage and support functional safety flows.


Eliminate Field Failures and Product Recalls. Reduce Safety Liability. Minimize Safety Lifecycle-time.


Use Saber Functional Safety for ISO 26262, DO-254, and other Safety and Reliability Verification Flows



Saber Runtime parallelizes and distributes iterative simulations across computing resources to dramatically improve throughput and reduce simulation time. The Saber Runtime library works with SaberRD, Saber Functional Safety Add-on, and Saber Inspecs Add-on to minimize the time spent running valuable performance and safety simulations. With Saber Runtime, engineering and safety teams can simulate thousands of scenarios that would otherwise have been too costly to perform.




The Saber Component improve design fidelity by using supplier models in Saber Designs. Efficiency is paramount to design project success. Access to existing, proven models is one of the most valuable advantages to a design team applying system simulation. Saber users have access to 30,000+ characterized models and model templates for mechatronic, semiconductor, power electronics, in-vehicle networks, and a wide range of component types.


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