For many applications, being able to capture actual system behavior in simulation can lead to a reduction in development and testing time. JMAG’s RT tool provides the user with the ability to export the results from a finite element analysis simulation into a file that can be run in a control simulator environment. At the same time, SABER contains highly accurate models of power electronics devices and has the ability to read JMAG-RT files. This leads to having a simulation that contains FEA level accuracy, but that can run at the speed of the control simulator environment.


Field Oriented Control of PMSM in Electric Vehicle Powertrains.

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The benefits of using SABER

SABER is a powerful modeling and mixed signal simulation platform for mechatronics and power electronics systems. It allows the user to improve design performance, reduce development time and cut down on prototyping costs.

In addition, it includes an extensive device model library and tools for performing device characterization and robust design. SABER is also used extensively in the automotive and aerospace industries.

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Saber feature Highlight: Robust Design

SABER’s Robust Design capability helps to improve design performance by incorporating manufacturing tolerance and variable operating conditions to a model. This makes the system immune to things like variations in design technologies, component parameters, manufacturing processes, etc. To achieve this, SABER offers streamlined design flows for:

· Performance sensitivity to component variation.

· Monte Carlo and Pareto analyses for verifying uncorrelated manufacturing drift.

· Worse Case Analysis to identify critical operating points and perform multi-objective optimization.

· Stress Analysis to confirm operating ranges and component choices.

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