Development of the Saber model of an injector


Industrial manufacturers that integrate a wide number of parts in their systems commonly require to model it in a unique environment. One typical and most used environment is Saber, since it offers a possibility to simulate an entire complex system involving multiple engineering fields in the same model.

Therefore, to work with them, suppliers have to provide models of their parts in Saber environment.

This modelling work basically consists in tedious tasks and necessitates lots of different steps such as:

  • The development of the model itself
  • A proper validation using the real test bench measurements,
  • A complete documentation on the possibilities and limitations of the model…

Devices that we develop are as user-friendly as possible. At the same time, if required, they can take into account advanced phenomena. All along the project, we work closely with you in order to address both project requirements and specificities of the equipment to model.


Our consulting team can carry the modelling of a wide range of systems, from individual devices, whose modelling can be burdensome, to complex systems, that require the implementation of numerous parts.

The objective of a modelling varies a lot with projects. It can consist in:

  • matching the behavior curves between test reports and simulation,
  • modelling a complete system containing many devices

Complex systems are tedious and difficult to model. They consist in combinations of many parts and usually concern several engineering fields. These fields often interact with each other. For example, the behavior of electrical part will engender losses and, then, influence the thermal part.

During design process, it can be decided to change devices shapes. Devices models must then be tunable to remain representative.

Using its advanced knowledge of SaberRD, Powersys Engineering team can easily model the whole equipment. We will provide you models that are compatible with Robust Design.

Figure 1. Valve model subcircuit

Model Conversion

Most of electronic components manufacturers have built model of their products in other softwares. Powersys Engineering team proposes to convert these models into Saber models.

Built back in Saber a system that has already been built in PSIM can be burdensome. Powersys proposes to use its software expertise to quickly convert your design into Saber.

Figure 2. Boost PFC circuit import


Models in HDL / MAST

Manufacturers often requests that their models are in HDL (Hardware Description Language). Above all in robust Design, it is important to get very accurate results and integrate the very specific behavior of each part.

Saber integrate an HDL language, the MAST. This language is built on IEEE Standard 1076-2008 and is the de facto Industry standard. This language provides flexibility and depth so that it is possible to represent any component or system behavior.

To integrate such tailor-made models, Powersys Engineering team proposes to realize the modelling of complex parts with MAST HDL.

Figure 3. MAST code of a resistor



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