The electrical and electronic devices market has massively evolved since the past decades mainly due to the component miniaturization, the developments in nanotechnology, material engineering and the era of Internet of Things (IoT). These changes have impacted the value chain and the role of the different players as well as the market needs. We particularly observed an increased use of virtual reality in electronic manufacturing. With the aim to improve the manufacturing efficiency, electrical and electronic devices manufacturers need software to perform digital design, simulation and integration.

Whether you are involved in Automotive, Home Appliances, Digital Equipment, Factory Automation, or Electric Power Facilities, Powersys will support the development of your electrical and electronic devices from the implementation of the state-of-the-art software, through the training of your teams to the global support after sales.

Depending on your needs, our Electromagnetics solution can run different types of analyses and display specific and advanced features. Learn more about them with the three following application categories.



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