Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the use of applied mathematics, physics and computational software to visualize how a gas or liquid flows. CFD software are used to compile all properties and information and produce analyses of fluid (air, liquide, etc.) flow phenomena. It uses this information to create a 3D mathematical model on a grid that can be rotated and viewed from different angles.

CFD software is indispensable for "Front-loading" product development to ensure the best product concepts are identified early in the design process. Design quality will be improved during the conceptual design phase by conducting basic studies of fluid and thermal phenomena that directly affect product performance.

Utilizing CFD software has become an indispensable tool in reducing development costs by enabling users to quickly handle more realistic geometries and physics

POWERSYS proposes software, consulting and training solutions, in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics.



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