Motor Drive Module

PSIM’s Motor Drive module offers an easy and effective way to model and simulate complex motor control algorithms and control systems.

PSIM’s Motor Drive module gives you the building blocks in order to save design time and drive complex power electronics based motor control systems.

This module gives you access to a full complement of built-in motor models including Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), Induction Motors, Brushless DC (BLDC) and Switched Reluctance.

Motor Drive Module in PSIM

PSIM provides also commonly used electric machine models, mechanical load models and control blocks (such as Maximum-Torque-Per-Ampere (MTPA) Control and Field Weakening Control blocks). User can create and use custom-built machine or load models for greater flexibility.


TI's InstaSPIN Technology

Texas Instruments InstaSPIN is an advanced sensorless motor control technology that can automatically identify motor parameters and enable designers, even those with limited motor control experience, to implement sensorless motor control for any type of synchronous or asynchronous 3-phase motors.

InstaSPIN is now fully supported in PSIM, both in terms of simulation and hardware implementation. Using the InstaSPIN technology, PSIM provides the complete and easy-to-use solution to the design and implementation of high-performance sensorless motor drive, from motor parameter identification to current/speed controller design and hardware implementation. With this capability, PSIM provides the easiest way for users to evaluate the performance of a motor control algorithm with InstaSPIN.


TI's InstaSPIN Technology in PSIM

PSIM is the first package that fully supports InstaSPIN, from parameter file creation to controller design, simulation, and auto code generation. You can use PSIM’s InstaSPIN Parameter Editor to prepare the parameters needed for InstaSPIN based on system hardware and operating conditions. Then use PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite to design for the current loop and speed loop PI controllers easily, and simulate the complete system with the power stage and control (including the InstaSPIN block) to validate the design and the performance of the overall system. After simulation, you can make use of PSIM’s easy-to-use automated code generation capability to generate code for InstaSPIN-enabled DSP hardware.


PSIM provides the complete sensorless motor drive solution from motor identification to InstaSPIN parameter preparation, current/speed controller design, simulation, and hardware code generation.


Motor Control Design Suite

PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite gives you the toolbox to design a motor drive system with greater efficiency and less effort.

This module includes a number of design templates for Motor drives and PHEV systems : induction motors and linear & nonlinear PMSM.  For example, the nonlinear PMSM design template is for a nonlinear PMSM drive system that includes space vector PWM, current control, maximum-torque-per-ampere (MTPA) control, field weakening control, dynamic torque limit control, and speed control.

Such a system includes multiple control loops (current loops and speed loop). In addition, the motor parameters are changing as a function of the current. All these factors combined make it very challenging to design the controllers of the motor drive system.



Motor Control Design Suite in PSIM

This example illustrates a nonlinear IPM drive system.


Given high-level system input specifications, the Motor Control Design Suite will design all the controllers automatically. In very little time, users will have a complete and functional motor drive system that is ready to simulate for further analysis.


One major benefit is : by using PSIM’s capability in auto code generation, user can design a motor drive system in Motor Control Design Suite, validate it in simulation, automatically generate the code, and implement in on a DSP - significantly speeding up the development process.



The software PSIM is developed by Powersim and exclusively distributed by Powersys in Europe and Israel.
PSIM is a simulation environment for power conversion and control that will allow your group to gain a competitive edge.


With PSIM’s powerful simulation environment, it will allow you to work more efficiently, reducing the development cost and time-to-market. It is one of the fastest simulators for power electronics simulation. It achieves fast simulation while retaining excellent simulation accuracy. This makes it particularly efficient in simulating converter systems of any size, and performing multiple-cycle simulation. There are many optional add-on Modules available to address specific needs in various applications. These Modules give you the flexibility to tailor PSIM for your own needs, and significantly enhance PSIM’s capability.




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