Short-circuit calculations

The CYMDIST software is capable of simulating fault in distribution and industrial power systems. The CYME software has the add-on module Fault Analyses that calculates short-circuit currents from different fault types. The Fault Analyses module includes the following features for short-circuit analysis:

  • Conventional short-circuit calculations
  • IEC-60909© short-circuit calculations
  • ANSI® C37.5, ANSI® C37.010, ANSI® C37.13 short-circuit calculations
  • Series fault analysis
  • Simultaneous fault analysis
  • Voltage sag analysis
  • Fault locator
  • Equipment rating verification analysis


Sample IEC 61363© waveform plot

Figure 1: Sample IEC 61363© waveform plot


Reliability assessment

Power engineers can perform reliability studies with the Reliability Assessment module to help power engineers with predictive reliability assessment of distribution and industrial networks.

Reliability Assessment in distribution

Figure 2: Reliability Assessment in distribution


Arc Flash Hazards analysis

Power utilities and industries must prevent and manage risk in distribution and industrial power systems to ensure a safer work environment for their employees. The Arc Flash Hazards module allows to assess the risk level and to determine the safety procedure to adopt near work environment.

Warning sticker

Figure 3: Warning sticker

Arc flash analysis is compliant with the following recognized standards:

  • NFPA-70E© 2004, The Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces
  • IEEE-1584™ 2002, Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations

Motor starting analysis

It is common to have synchronous and asynchronous machines in distribution and industrial systems. Consequently, the effects of induction and synchronous motor starting in power systems have to be studied using a powerful engineering simulation tool.

The Motor Starting Analysis module can simulate these effects using a variety of starting methods (Dynamic, locked rotor and maximum start size analysis).


Induction Motor - Star Delta Starting

Figure 4: Induction Motor - Star Delta Starting


It allows to enter the load torque data from manufacturer data curves or with the general equation of load torque versus speed.

load torque data

Figure 5: Load torque data


The Motor Starting module has support functions which help power engineers to determine the equivalent circuit parameters for single circuit rotor, double circuit rotor or deep bar circuit rotor induction motors to anticipate the lack of data or information.

The software CYME is developed by Eaton and distributed by Powersys in France.
CYME Power Engineering software is a suite of applications for distribution, transmission and industrial power systems analysis.


It is composed of a network editor, analysis modules and user-customizable model libraries from which you can choose to get the most powerful solution. Modules available allow load-flow, short-circuit, harmonics, transient stability, voltage stability analysis as well as protective device coordination, cable ampacity calculations, substation grounding. Powersys is the exclusive distributor in Europe.




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