MpCCI links simulation programs, thereby solving multidisciplinary problems. This software supports the leading industrial simulation tools. The MpCCI solution answers the demand for standardized interfaces for co-simulation. End-users want to be open in the choice of their codes, so the MpCCI Coupling Environment supports most of the leading CFD, CSM and various other codes: Abaqus, Ansys, Flowmaster,  Fluent, Flux3D, ICEPAK, FINE/Hexa, FINE/Open, FINE/Turbo, MATLAB, MD.Nastran, MSC.Adams, MSC.Marc, OpenFOAM, RadTherm, SIMPACK, STAR-CD, STAR-CCM+.




The following JMAG modules are supported for a co-simulation:

  • FQ - Time Harmonic Magnetic (3D)
  • TR - Transient Magnetic (3D)


The JMAG-MpCCI multiphysics coupling is enabled via the JCoupled module. The JMAG-MpCCI code adapter is developed by Fraunhofer SCAI in cooperation with JSOL Corporation. It is delivered as shared library implementing the JMAG Co-Simulation API.


MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has already successfully been used in various application domains:

  • Fluid-Structure-Interaction for Aero-Elasticity and flexible Components in Machinery Design
  • Thermal Stress and Vibrations in Turbomachinery Applications
  • Combined System and 3D Continuum Models for Vehicle and Machine Dynamics
  • Coupled Fluid and Radiation for Automotive Thermal Management
  • Thermal and Magneto-Hydrodynamic Effects in Electrical Components
  • Fluid-Structure-Interactions in Bio-Medical Applications

The software MPCCI is developed by Fraunhofer SCAI and distributed by Powersys in Europe.


The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment provides an application independent interface for the direct coupling of different simulation codes.
MpCCI CoupingEnvironment has been accepted as a “de facto” neutral standard for simulation code coupling and provides a mulltiphysics framework.




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