The fast and efficient way of designing the control for your power converter : Starting from a specification, design quickly and visually the best control for your converter, with result feedback for both analog and digital controls

SmartCtrl gets your ideas to market quicker with it’s rapid power electronics design capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with PSIM allowing you to expand the possibilities of your power electronics design. With a user friendly interface, simple workflow, easy-to-understand display of control loop stability, SmartCtrl is another indispensable tool in your design and simulation arsenal.  SmartCtrl enables you to design the control for your power converters, including digital and analog.







Topologies and control modes

In SmartCtrl you can design the control for a generic converter or use a predefined topology.

The predifined topologies are:

  • Forward converter
  • Flyback converter
  • Buck converter
  • Boost converter
  • Buck-boost converter


For each predefined topology or generic converter you can choose the following controls:

  • Voltage mode control
  • Average current mode control
  • Peak current mode control

Digital Control

The key features of the Digital Control module are the following:

  • Digital effects (DEFs) such as sampling frequency, DPWM delays, and rounding effects due to the limited bits number of compensator coefficients being considered.
  • New Bode plots considering DEFs are shown.
  • Sensitivity analysis of DEFs can be performed.
  • The designed digital compensator can be exported to PSIM in z-domain format.



Data in Real Time

Interactive plots allow you to choose the best control design, while waveforms, bodes, nyquist and all output data are updated in real time.


The software SMARTCTRL is developed by Power Smart Control S.L. and distributed by Powersys in Europe.


SmartCtrl is a controller design software specifically for power electronics applications. It features a friendly interface, simple workflow, and easy to understand display of control loop stability and performance. Using SmartCtrl, one can design controllers of various power converters easily and very quickly. Powersys is the distributor in Europe.



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