Network Editor

The Network Editor is the graphical user interface underlying the CYME analyses modules. It provides the user with great flexibility in creating the one-line diagram of the network as well as providing a wide variety of options to customize the displays and reports.
Power Flow

To perform power flow analysis in three-phase electric power networks. The module utilizes state of the art sparse matrix/vector methods and multiple solution algorithms.
Fault Analyses

For the determination of short-circuit currents that result from different fault phenomena, the estimation of fault locations, the identification of under-rated equipment in electric power systems and the sizing of various system components.
Load Flow Contingency (N-p)

To assist in power flow related static contingency analysis. To create contingency events and single- or multiple-outage scenarios and compare to a base case.
Protective Device Coordination
The module provides engineers with a wide range of tools to efficiently and accurately design and validate the coordination scheme of their power system.




Figure 1: Protection of an industrial network




To perform harmonic penetration analysis in electric power systems. It features single phase and full three-phase modeling capabilities and includes a large library of pre-defined models for network equipment and harmonic current sources.
Transient Stability

To simulate the electro-mechanical response of an electric power system to transient disturbances. It includes a large library of pre-defined models for network equipment and control systems.
Voltage Stability

To assess the ability of a power system to maintain stable voltages under different contingencies and loading conditions.
Optimal Power Flow

Allows the user to engage in advanced system planning studies to optimize system performance, examine cost-efficient operational planning alternatives, articulate system control strategies and rationalize equipment utilization, resulting in better overall system asset management.


The software CYME is developed by Eaton and distributed by Powersys in France.
CYME Power Engineering software is a suite of applications for distribution, transmission and industrial power systems analysis.


It is composed of a network editor, analysis modules and user-customizable model libraries from which you can choose to get the most powerful solution. Modules available allow load-flow, short-circuit, harmonics, transient stability, voltage stability analysis as well as protective device coordination, cable ampacity calculations, substation grounding. Powersys is the exclusive distributor in Europe.




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