CYME is an extensive power engineering software that has advanced features for the analysis of transmission, distribution and industrial power systems.


Power quality

Power engineers can use the add-on module CYMHARMO to evaluate harmonic levels due to power electronic and nonlinear equipment in renewable energy systems and distributed generation. It also allows to detect resonances and to assess mitigations solutions.


resonances detection with Cyme


One can compare THD to user defined distortion limits or as per IEEE 519™ 1992/2014 standard.

voltage distortion limits

Harmonic distortion from IEEE 519-1992 and IEEE 519-2014 Standards


Renewable energy sources

Power system engineers can use the capabilities of the CYME Long-Term Dynamics Analysis module to study the impact of irradiance variations, wind fluctuations and load variations on controls systems and on the behavior of battery energy storage devices.


Long-Term Dynamics Analysis result in the CYME software

Long-Term Dynamics Analysis result in the CYME software


Power engineers who use The CYME Integration Capacity Analysis module are able to determine the maximum generation or load capacity that can be installed independently at each point of a distribution system.

Integration Capacity Analysis results in the CYME software

Integration Capacity Analysis results in the CYME software

The software CYME is developed by Eaton and distributed by Powersys in France.
CYME Power Engineering software is a suite of applications for distribution, transmission and industrial power systems analysis.


It is composed of a network editor, analysis modules and user-customizable model libraries from which you can choose to get the most powerful solution. Modules available allow load-flow, short-circuit, harmonics, transient stability, voltage stability analysis as well as protective device coordination, cable ampacity calculations, substation grounding. Powersys is the exclusive distributor in Europe.




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