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Substation Grounding

Power systems engineers can use the software CYMGRD to design grounding facilities for substations. The Canadian software CYMGRD allows to perform soil resistivity measurement interpretations, elevation of ground potential rise and danger point evaluation within any area of interest.

Above listed analysis can be performed using the following modules:

  • Soil Analysis module (include Safety Assessment) to plot the measured and calculated resistivity to easily verify the quality of the soil. Soil models can be two-layer, a uniform, or a user-defined soil model. Step and touch voltages are calculated according to the following standards:IEEE-80™ 2013, IEC Std. 60479©, BS™ 7354 (1990), EA-TS™ 41-24 (1992) and CENELEC™ HD 637 S1 (1999).

    surface touch and step potential

    Figure 1: Surface touch and step potentials

  • Electrode Sizing module: to determine the minimum required ground electrode size in accordance with the IEEE-80TM 2013 standard.
  • Grid Analysis module: to calculate the current diffused by every element of each conductor in the grounding grid and determine the potential at the soil surface.
  • Plotting module: to generate a visual representation of the grid analysis results on Potential Contour and/or Potential Profile plots.

    touch voltage coutours

    Figure 2: Touch voltages contours shown in 3-D


CYMGRD conforms to IEEE 80™ 2000, IEEE 81™ 1983 and IEEE 837™ 2002.

CYMGRD has a bi-directional interface with AutoCAD® to import ground grid layouts already entered via AutoCAD and to export grid layouts to AutoCAD whenever ground grids have been entered within CYMGRD.

This interface utility is embedded within the CYMGRD software, allowing users to alternate easily between the AutoCAD and the CYMGRD environments.


validation and update of the AutoCAD drawing

Figure 3: Validation and Update of the AutoCAD® drawing

The software CYME is developed by Eaton and distributed by Powersys in France.
CYME Power Engineering software is a suite of applications for distribution, transmission and industrial power systems analysis.


It is composed of a network editor, analysis modules and user-customizable model libraries from which you can choose to get the most powerful solution. Modules available allow load-flow, short-circuit, harmonics, transient stability, voltage stability analysis as well as protective device coordination, cable ampacity calculations, substation grounding. Powersys is the exclusive distributor in Europe.




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