Powersys Acquires SIMBA, a New Generation of Power Electronics Software

PRESS RELEASE Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, – May 9th, 2023   Powersys Acquires SIMBA, Enhancing New-Generation Power Electronics Simulation Design Solutions   Powersys, a leader in next-generation solutions for fully optimized, production-ready electrical and electromagnetic systems design, has announced the acquisition of SIMBA, a new generation power electronics simulation software. This acquisition supports Powersys’ mission to move […]

New SmartCtrl Version 4.1

The ultimate control design tool for power electronics   After over 20 years of experience in the field of power electronics systems SmartCtrl software is being developed as a platform in which, our knowledge related to control in power electronic systems, is collected.   Download the brochure All compensators: With the new enhanced Equation Editor […]

New SmartCtrl Version 4.0

The easier and faster way to design the control of your power converter.   SmartCtrl, the control designing tool for power electronics, release its new version 4.0, with an enhanced equation editor and improved digital control module.   New Equations Editor This built-in function supports the definition of customized plants and sensors transfer functions. Multiple […]