Date : 2018/12/05
Place : Tokyo, Japan
Booth number :

Powersys is pleased to announce the 25th JMAG Users Conference by JSOL Corporation in Tokyo.


In December 5th & 6th, it will be the opportunity for users to communicate and share ideas.

A wealth of content will be provided to satisfy a range of skill levels including JMAG wizards and beginners, as well as those who have not yet participated in the Users Conference.


JSOL Corporation invited Professor Bulent Sarlioglu from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to speak on the development of motor designs for aircraft, and for this years case studies as presented by users, and number of leaders in various fields to discuss to subjects that include vibration analysis, induction heating, and more.


These presentations will be immensely helpful for those who are yet to have a long history of JMAG under their belts, as well as for those who will be looking to use JMAG in the foreseeable future. Discussions will touch on hurdles that users may encounter in their initial introductions to JMAG, which will also be accompanied by a number of analysis case studies.




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