World's Fastest Simulation for Power Electronics. Period.

DSIM is a new simulation software specially designed for power electronics. It increases the simulation speed of large power converter systems by several orders of magnitude and is capable of simulating switching transients at the microsecond or nanosecond level. DSIM provides a revolutionary solution for virtual prototyping of large-scale power electronic systems.

DSIM is fast. Very fast.

The DSIM solver is revolutionary as the speed is several 10s up to 1000s times faster than any simulators currently on market. The bigger the system, the larger the speed difference! As the number of switches increases, the speed difference vs. other tools increases.

  • Low switch number (< 10): 10 -100x faster
  • Mid switch number (10 -100):100-1,000x faster
  • Large switch number (> 100): > 1,000x faster

The capability to simulate large systems with physical switch models, with only a small impact on overall simulation speed, is unique.


DSIM is robust.

DSIM is extremely robust with virtually no convergence problem

DSIM can simulate:

  • Large numbers of switches (1000s)
  • Fast switching (MHz)
  • Non-ideal switch transitions (physical model with parasitics)
  • Scripted, automated simulations







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