This Simulink® Add-on allows to perform co-simulations between Simulink® and other software compatible with the standard FMI.


Any software compatible with the standard Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) can be linked to your Simulink® models. The procedure to prepare your model for the co-simulation is simple, user-friendly and fast.

Using the export component provided by the module, add inputs and outputs to your model. These inputs/outputs will be exchanged between the software during the co-simulation. Then generate a “FMU” file in only one click. This file can be read by any other compatible software to get the connection with your Simulink® model as a slave. After running the co-simulation, both software are sharing the inputs/outputs all along the simulation. This way your simulation get the benefits of each software.

Other usages can be considered such as the parallelization of the simulations: the system is divided into multiple subsystems and a co-simulation is performed.

The FMU file created can be exported to any other system that has Simulink®. Parameters files such as “m-file” are compatible with this module and exported with the model.  No other modules are required to use this functionality, only a valid license of Simulink®.  Only the export device (“FMI slave”) is already available. The import device (“FMI master”) will be released soon.



Figure 1: SM control model in Simulink with FMU Inputs/Outputs for the co-simulation



Figure 2: Simulink FMU loaded and connected to a SM model in EMTP-RV 




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