Simulation Technology for Electromechanical Design

A comprehensive electromagnetic platform

JMAG is a comprehensive software suite for electromechanical equipment design and development. With its powerful simulation and analysis technologies, JMAG has supported a wide-range of companies, universities, and research institutes around the world in furthering the design and development of their unique products and research. Since more than 20 years, JMAG is striving to be easy to use while providing versatility to support users from conceptual design to comprehensive analyses.


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A new standard in performance and quality for product design

JMAG is the standard tool for EV/HV development. JMAG is also used in a variety of other fields including motor, motor drive, large generators, transformers, solenoid, electronic devices and induction heating. JMAG can accurately capture and quickly evaluate complex physical phenomena inside of machines. JMAG offers solutions from concept design to detailed design. Inexperienced and experienced users in simulation analysis can easily perform the simple operations required to obtain precise results.


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