SaberES-DQuickly and Reliability Design and Verify Vehicle Electrical Systems


Vehicle electrical systems distribute power and data amongst electrical subsystems and components enabling safe, efficient, and cost-effective vehicle operation. With its myriad of complexities and interdependencies on all connected sub-systems, the electrical system design process poses significant technical and logistical challenges to make it function reliably. SaberES Designer™ enables design teams to address these challenges by providing an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing. SaberES Designer minimizes data entry, manages complex, system-wide design variants, enables concurrent engineering, maintains data integrity, and allows efficient exchange with 3D CAD systems.


1. SaberES Designer is the Only Completely Unified Tool for Electric System Design & Verification

  • Intuitive tool for developing functional and physical electrical system designs
  • Integrated data flow for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing
  • Single database ensures correct by construction and eliminates data translation errors
  • Robust sheet check-in/check-out for efficient concurrent engineering
  • Built-in and extensible design verification





2. Functional & Physical Electrical System Design

  • Create component symbols and save to Parts Library for reuse
  • Design functional subsystems by connecting symbols with logical signals
  • Place functional subsystems from the Subsystem Library to create whole vehicle electrical system designs
  • Filter/exclude variant dependent functionality from sub-systems
  • Generate wiring designs from functional system designs
  • Assign physical attributes from corporate database including: wires, shells, inline connectors, splices, etc.
  • Use Connector Manager to quickly ensure correct inline cavity occupation
  • Use Automatic Parts Selector to determine required passive components for each connector shell and cavity
  • Check basic design rules for disconnected wires or missing properties for shells, splices, wires, etc.





3. Variant Handling and Filtering

  • Generate 150% wiring designs for electrical systems with different variations
  • Assign feature options to components and wires in wiring designs
  • Use Assembly Library to graphically select feature options and generate variant-dependent buildable harnesses


4. Harness Design

  • Easily export wiring design data to 3D MCAD tools
  • Conversely, import placement and routing data from 3D MCAD tools
  • Use SaberES Designer Table Manager to quickly generate ASCII files for custom export, like bill of material tables



5. Generated Drawings

  • Generate wire harnesses from connectivity, wiring design, and variant information
  • Set connector symbol position and define desired harness segment routings
  • Reuse geometrical information, such as length, from the 3D MCAD tools
  • Project 3D information from 3D MCAD tools in 2D drawing
  • Select viewing perspective, rotation, and scale of the projection


6. Concurrent Engineering

  • Optimize engineering investments by spreading design tasks across different sites
  • Check-in/check-out design sheets to eliminate data integrity issues.





7. Correct by Design

  • Avoid conflicts and eliminate synchronization and merging tasks by working from a single design database
  • Auto generate bill of materials from same database used for electrical system design and verification





8. Verification of Electrical Systems

Voltage Drop and Over-current

  • Implement reusable verification simulations using SaberES Designer Experiment Analyzer
  • Use built-in DC simulation capabilities to verify voltage drop and overcurrent to determine fuse sizes, cross-sectional areas of all wires, existence of sneak paths, etc.
  • Back-annotate simulation data and probe critical nodes to quickly identify problem areas


Advanced Transient and Robust Design

  • Add optional Saber Simulator for transient verification of high-speed systems including vehicle networks.
  • Add optional Saber Inspecs to optimize the design for component variations and shifts in operating conditions

Functional Safety

  • Add optional Saber Functional Safety to verify functional safety of electrical systems
  • Quickly select and configure hardware faults directly from the SaberES Designer wiring design
  • Export functional safety simulation results From SaberES Designer Experiment Analyzer to document fault coverage and support functional safety flows.




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