Scalable Simulation Solution for Accelerating Power Electronics Design


SaberEXP is a piecewise linear (PWL) circuit simulator that enables design teams to start early and validate their power supply/converter and motor drive designs prior to physical implementation with its fastest simulation convergence. It provides a scalable simulation solution for accelerating power electronics designs with its seamless export flow into SaberRD for high fidelity large system design leading to lower development costs.

Early Design exploration for power electronics


  • High-speed mixed mode solver: Combines an event queue for event-driven and digital signals with a fast analog PWL solver, caches and reuses recurring circuit topology calculations, analytical solving of temporal signals is based on the circuit time constants
  • Generic high-abstraction models: PWL analog models with discrete regions of linear operation in electrical, mechanical, thermal, magnetic, continuous control and digital domains




Figure 1: Piecewise linear diode, saturating inductor, IGBT and MOSFET models





  • Integrated simulation environment: Allows simulation of complex multi-physics behaviors in time and frequency domains, provides parametric and statistical design capabilities for optimizing and verifying system robustness, analyzing results with a suite of measurement and waveform calculation tools




Figure 2: SaberEXP user interface


Graduating Designs from SaberEXP to SaberRD


SaberEXP’s high abstraction models and PWL solver provide accuracy and convergence for small to medium complex designs. Once users complete the concept and design exploration using SaberEXP, designs can be exported into the Saber™ integrated environment for physical modeling and simulation—SaberRD. Exporting SaberEXP designs into the SaberRD environment allows users to further evolve their designs by adding more device specific details. Design export from SaberEXP into SaberRD, is performed through automatic model mapping, producing a SaberRD equivalent design which can be readily used and further evolved. The SaberEXP to SaberRD integration provides a comprehensive solution for graduating designs from concept to detailed design implementation, validation, reliability analysis and functional safety verification.





Figure 3: Typical product development V-diagram




A Comprehensive Solution for Power Electronics Systems


With increased focus on electrification and rapid growth of the power electronics market, design teams need a robust and efficient simulation and modeling solution to predict hardware failures during early design phases. Simulation helps to reduce iterations of hardware prototypes and time-to-market that results in reduced development costs. Depending on the application, the simulation and modeling requirements vary a lot between different stages of product development, but there is no single simulation environment that satisfies all simulation and modeling requirements. Synopsys provides you a comprehensive solution to address this challenge with SaberEXP and SaberRD.









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