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EMTP - Renewables Energy Module

This webinar will explain how the new Renewables Toolbox of EMTP will help you to conduct wind park (WP) and photovoltaic park (PVP) integration studies. We will present the models, functionalities as well as the benefits of this new EMTP Toolbox.

The integration of large-scale WPs and PVPs into modern power systems has become a challenging problem due to the significant impact of these renewable energy sources on power system transient behavior. Failure to perform proper integration studies could lead not only to non-optimal designs and operations of WPs and PVPs, but also to severe power system stability problems.

In this webinar, generic EMTP models of WPs and PVPs are presented as well as how to conduct some typical studies.
The following topics will be discussed:
  -  Wind Park Harmonics
  -  Fault Analysis
  -  LVRT and OVRT functions
  -  Frequency scan tool for detecting unstable conditions



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