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Cradle CFD v2021-Release Highlights

Exclusive presentation of Cradle CFD v2021, the latest major release of scFLOW and scSTREAM. Built around enhanced productivity and multiphysics, Cradle CFD v2021 provides additional solutions for dealing with Fluid, Thermal, and Multiphysics challenges.
In the webinar, we discuss some key highlights, including:
•    Enhancements of the Voxel Fitting meshing algorithm for dealing with massive assemblies of CAD or Facetted geometry data, which can be watertight or not, with minimal user interaction;
•    Improvement in the Spatial Hexahedral meshing algorithm that removes the need to create a polyhedral mesh in larger fluid areas allowing significant speed-up for meshing and solving;
•    Increased speed of the density-based solver and its excellent parallelization allows faster runtimes on large models with any mesh, but in particular Voxel Fitting and Spatial Hexahedral meshes;
•    Discrete Element Method (DEM) capabilities are greatly enhanced by including a cloth model, cohesion between particles, absorption and desorption of particles, dissolution of particles in solvents, and more;
•    Improved ECAD interface by IPC-2581 file support enabling quick model creation of detailed ECAD design including PCB board shape, components, wiring, and thermal via;
•    Cut-cell improvements allow multiple subelements in an element, with different material, multi-block meshing and thermal radiation;
•    The unique thermoregulation (JOS) model is integrated into scSTREAM, allowing advanced thermal comfort analysis in all the Cradle CFD tools;
•    Integration of the gold standard FEA solver MSC Nastran in scFLOW, for structural analysis considering surface pressure and thermal loads from scFLOW;



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