Power Electronics

The software PSIM is developed by Powersim and exclusively distributed by Powersys in Europe and Israel.
PSIM is a simulation environment for power conversion and control that will allow your group to gain a competitive edge.


With PSIM’s powerful simulation environment, it will allow you to work more efficiently, reducing the development cost and time-to-market. It is one of the fastest simulators for power electronics simulation. It achieves fast simulation while retaining excellent simulation accuracy. This makes it particularly efficient in simulating converter systems of any size, and performing multiple-cycle simulation. There are many optional add-on Modules available to address specific needs in various applications. These Modules give you the flexibility to tailor PSIM for your own needs, and significantly enhance PSIM’s capability.


The software SMARTCTRL is developed by Power Smart Control S.L. and distributed by Powersys in Europe.


SmartCtrl is a controller design software specifically for power electronics applications. It features a friendly interface, simple workflow, and easy to understand display of control loop stability and performance. Using SmartCtrl, one can design controllers of various power converters easily and very quickly. Powersys is the distributor in Europe.

The software SaberES Designer is developed by Synopsys and distributed by Powersys in Europe and north America.


SaberES Designer™ enables design teams to address these challenges by providing an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing. SaberES Designer minimizes data entry, manages complex, system-wide design variants, enables concurrent engineering, maintains data integrity, and allows efficient exchange with 3D CAD systems.

The software SaberRD is developed by Synopsys and distributed by Powersys in Europe and north America.


SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems and multidomain physical systems. With the proven Saber® simulation technology at its core, SaberRD combines ease of use with the power to handle today’s complex electrical power problems, allowing engineers to explore design performance, optimize robustness and assure system reliability for a broad range of generation, conversion and distribution applications. SaberRD’s true multi-domain physical modeling capability and unmatched analysis capabilities provide engineers with a virtual prototyping platform that supports complete system design. With an intuitive and flexible user interface for casual and expert users alike, SaberRD accelerates design for engineering organizations in automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial power.

The software DSIM Will disrupt the way power electronics are simulated


DSIM is revolutionary, his capability are several hundreds to thousands of times faster than any simulators currently on market and this module can quickly simulate large systems and the switching transients at the same time

The software SaberEXP is developed by Synopsys and distributed by Powersys in Europe and north America.


SaberEXP is a piecewise linear (PWL) circuit simulator that enables design teams to start early and validate their power supply/converter and motor drive designs prior to physical implementation with its fastest simulation convergence. It provides a scalable simulation solution for accelerating power electronics designs with its seamless export flow into SaberRD for high fidelity large system design leading to lower development costs.

Power Systems

The software EMTP is developed and commercialized by the EMTP Alliance. EMTP is a full-featured and technically advanced simulation and analysis professional software for power system transients.


The package is a sophisticated computer program for the simulation of electromagnetic, electromechanical and control systems transients in multiphase electric power systems. EMTP is used worldwide as a reference tool by the main actors of the power system industry (EDF, RTE, Hydro-Québec and many others). It is suited for a wide variety of power system studies whether they relate to project, design and engineering, or to solving problems and unexplained failures. Its capibility to to efficiently and quickly perform simulation of very large power systems, its numerical robustness and the stability of the simulation engine contribute to make of EMTP the reference for power systems transients. EMTP features a wide variety of modeling capabilities encompassing electromagnetic and electromechanical oscillations ranging in duration from microseconds to minutes.




The software CYME is developed by Eaton and distributed by Powersys in France.
CYME Power Engineering software is a suite of applications for distribution, transmission and industrial power systems analysis.


It is composed of a network editor, analysis modules and user-customizable model libraries from which you can choose to get the most powerful solution. Modules available allow load-flow, short-circuit, harmonics, transient stability, voltage stability analysis as well as protective device coordination, cable ampacity calculations, substation grounding. Powersys is the exclusive distributor in Europe.


This Simulink® Add-on allows to perform co-simulations between Simulink® and other software compatible with the standard FMI (Functional Mock-up Interface).

The toolbox allows to perform co-simulations with Simulink® using the standard Functional Mock-up Interface ( FMI ). Any software compatible with the standard FMI can be linked to your Simulink® models. The procedure to prepare your model for the co-simulation is simple, user-friendly and fast.

Two modules are available:

  • Export (“FMI slave”)
  • Import (“FMI master”)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

The software Cradle is developed by MSC Software and exclusively distributed by Powersys in France.



Software Cradle Co, Ltd is an innovative provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. Established in 1984, the company has pursued to offer unique, innovation focused and highly reliable CFD solutions that enhance customers' product quality and creativity.


Electromagnetics (EM)

The software JMAG is developed by JSOL Corporation and distributed in Europe and USA by Powersys.
JMAG is simulation software developed by the JSOL Corporation for the design and development of electrical equipment’s.


Today, numerical methods are increasingly used for the solution of electromagnetic fields and there is a variety of commercial computer programs based on the finite element method (FEM) used for electric machine design. JMAG are dedicated tool for this king of purpose, it’s useful during the FEA simulation and optimization process of an electrical machine because it provides more advanced methods to assess more accurately the final optimal characteristics of the design. This innovative software offers very suitable solutions for motor designers, engineers, and manufacturers, as well as graduate students, and academic researchers, and it covers the design and design-related issues, modeling and simulation, engineering studies, testing process, and performance characteristics of electric machines.


The software MPCCI is developed by Fraunhofer SCAI and distributed by Powersys in Europe.


The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment provides an application independent interface for the direct coupling of different simulation codes.
MpCCI CoupingEnvironment has been accepted as a “de facto” neutral standard for simulation code coupling and provides a mulltiphysics framework.


Multiphysics System Level

Flownex® SE is developed by M-Tech Industrial and distributed by Powersys in France and Germany.


Flownex® SE determines pressure drop [flow] and heat transfer [temperature] for the connected components of a complete system in steady state and transient, e.g. pumps or compressors, pipes, valves, tanks and heat exchangers.




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