Our JMAG Developer’s will present JMAG-Designer Version 15 during the JMAG User Conference in Japan, and this new version will release in the middle of December, 2015.

  Geometry editor
  • Improved usability during geometry generation by using Geometry library.
  • Simply merge geometry data.
  • Add formulas and variable of integer type properties
  • Specifies extrusion direction of extruded mesh
  • Zooming analysis
  • Hysteresis model improvements
  • Check function of BH curves
  • Improvements in Abaqus CSE
  • Direct interface with STAR-CCM+
  • Direct coupling with Amesim
  • Electric field higher-order element
  Optimization/Paramatric calculation
  • Improved geometry parametric operation
  • Parametric support of point sequence
  • Calculation formula support for case list
  • Multipurpose support of genetic algorithms
  • Pareto curve & Parameter correlation chart
  • Multipurpose support for MATLAB optimization engine
  Post processing
  • Editing function of graph display
  • Improvements in display of multiple case data
  • csv output of circuits and response value