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Tailored Solutions

Powersys consulting service can help you in all your projects related to the electrical engineering. Thanks to a long experience in the field of modelling and simulation software, our team is ready to provide you a high quality and advanced service in many topics, from the modelling of a power converter system to the analyse of the behaviour of a complete power system. These services can take different forms:


Simulation and analysis

Tailored development

  • You need to develop an advanced model of your system and does not have the competence / resource?
  • You have to provide a model of your system to a client?
  • You want to adapt your model for specific simulations?
  • You want to optimize your system parameters/design to fit some requirements?
  • You have to perform the analysis for the integration of ENR power plant?
  • You need to identify the cause of vibrations in your electrical machine?
  • You expect to customize your simulation software considering your applications?
  • You need to develop specific tools to make easier your work?
  • You were asked by a client to provide a model in a specific format?
Our team of engineers will be able to help you in your modelling projects. Whether it concerns a 2D/3D model of an EM machine for finite element analysis or it is for the modelling of a complete power system for transient simulations, we have the capability to support you. Our team of engineers will help you to identify and build the scope of work regarding the project requirements and needs. Our Engineering team can realize a wide scope of analyses in Power System or on-board system. Our experience with standards makes us able to decide whether your system is conform. Our team of engineer benefits from his experience in Simulation software to help you in your development project. It can be the creation of simple tools, models you need or the development of complete customized add-on dedicated to your applications.



Power systems



  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit
  • Harmonics
  • Voltage Stability
  • Transient Stability
  • Motor Starting
  • Arc Flash Hazard
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Substation Grounding
  • Cable Ampacity Studies
  • Development of Models


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  • Design Optimization
  • Sensitivity and parametric analysis
  • Electromagnetic analysis 2D/3D
    • Torque
    • Losses
    • Flux Distribution
  • Thermal 2D/3D
    • Temperature distribution
    • Heat transfers
  • Structural
    • Noise
    • Stress
    • Deformation
  • Electrical analysis
  • Efficiency map generation
  • RT table generation

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Model-based design


  • Simulation optimization
    • Transient simulations
    • Frequency scan
    • Optimization
  • Modelling
    • Develop advanced model of component / devices
    • Improve existing models
  • Development
    • Tailor made developments
    • Import/Export new data formats
    • Interface other software
  • Robust Design
    • Perform parametric and statistical analysis, stress, sensitivity, worst case and fault analysis

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In my opinion, one of zs to enhance the design process of the products and test control algorithms.

Alain Sanchez, IMD-Industrial & Marine Drives, Product Technician at Ingeteam


Our strenghts

Software expertise Agile methodology Turn-key solutions
Our simulation software know-how and expert network is a real value added A proactive and faithful team completely dedicated to your success with a positive attitude Complete custom solutions meeting
your project requirements
and expectations.


We provide you with the best suited solutions to answer your requirements, objectives and projects in a comprehensive array of engineering services. The success of your projects is our main goal.


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