What is Flownex®?

Flownex is a 1-dimensional network simulation tool which enables engineers to quickly and accurately:

  • Model flow and heat transfer physics on component level
  • Evaluate different designs or configurations of systems and sub-systems
  • Automatically produce detailed results for easy reporting
  • Include detailed fluid models for 2-phase fluids as well as fluid mixtures

In which power systems applications Flownex® is used?

Flownex® SE determines pressure drop [flow] and heat transfer [temperature] for the connected components of a complete system in steady state and transient. Flownex can be used to study heat transfer and fluid transients in renewable energy, nuclear power plant nuclear plant generation or fossil fuel power generation.
Flownex® is developed in an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system and NQA1 supplier approved environment.


Typical uses


  • Simulation
  • Performance assessment
  • Modification assessment
  • Fault root cause assessment


  • System sizing
  • Component sizing
  • Determining operating ranges
  • Flow, temperature, pressure,
    power consumption, etc.
  • Testing of control philosophy.


  • System behavior examination
  • Performing basic flow and
    heat transfer calculations.
  • Thermohydraulic principles
    and properties referencing.

Flownex® simulation environment for Power systems

Renewable energy

Flownex Simulation Environment is the main technological advance that the industry can employ, to analyze and optimize plant designs and existing infrastructure to maximize potential outputs, efficiently and cost effectively.
The renewable industry can make significant savings using Flownex to simulate, predict and optimize outputs in some of the following systems:

  • Wind Power
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Geothermal Power

Geothermal power electricity generation

Fossil fuel power plant

Flownex SE allows:

  • High level analysis and design of the complete combined thermodynamic cycle.
  • Transient analysis of load change scenarios.
  • Cycle efficiency analysis under different ambient conditions.
  • Root cause analysis for fault finding.

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Fossil fuel power plant solutiuons

Nuclear power plant

Flownex Simulation Environment allows:

  • Cycle design and analysis by providing various reactor fuel geometries, reactor coolant types and power cycle types
  • Plant response optimization by determining the transient response of sensed parameters to changes in input parameters and based on that, setting up appropriate pairings for control loops
  • Accident scenario evaluation by calculating the plant-wide temperatures and pressures in response to various accident scenarios.

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Nuclear power station




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