Training structure:

The duration of the training is 2 days.


Training objectives:


Due to the increase of renewable energy and DC link, power electronic converters play a more and more important role in the AC network. This training is dedicated to engineers who already knows the funding of power electronics and who wants to improve their knowledge about the different converters (eg: Modular Multilevel Converter), HVDC links, renewable converters. All this will be modeled with EMTP which provide numerous and accurate tools to study the connection and the interaction of these devices on the AC grid.

The training is based on the usage of EMTP for demonstrating concepts and teaching through practical problem cases.


Intented audience:

They could be users of the software but also people who would like to discover how useful simulation can be for them.



Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:

Day 4:

We can organize the training in your office, please contact us for more information.



Multiple choices possible