JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0 is advanced tools that allow searching a wide design space in a short period of time. In addition, functions such as efficiency maps and zooming analysis of existing functions have been enhanced.


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What are the key new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0?

Analysis Parameter View / Dashboard

Advanced tools that allow searching a wide design space in a short period of time. Vary parameters such as for shape, materials, conditions, etc. and perform evaluation in two windows.

Setting quickly using analysis parameter view, and quick solving using high speed solver and mesher. Evaluate quickly using dashboard, and can quick feedback to design.

Topology Optimization

Fast topology optimization method is added. The density method can optimize the topology for a relatively simple problem with a small amount of calculation. Optimization result of magnetic shield by density method. A multi-layer shield shape has been obtained to minimize the magnetic flux density at the evaluation point.

Efficiency Map

The efficiency map function of JMAG-Designer has become more useful

Using an efficiency map (Speed Priority), quickly evaluate machine characteristics driven in motor mode / generator mode. And the loss for each part can be displayed.

Enhancement of Structural Analysis

Added material nonlinearity of structural analysis. It realizes accurate evaluation of stress when yield stress is exceeded. Enhanced contact condition can be taking into account part’s colliding between them.

Stress concentration occurs in the bridge portion. In the range where the bridge width is 3 (mm) or less, the maximum Mises stress is different because the maximum stress is in the elasto-plastic region. Furthermore, the difference increases as the bridge width decreases.

Enhancement of Robustness and Speed of Mesher

Mesher is enhanced, and mesh generation success rate and speed are improved. For complex or large models, the speed is more than doubled compared to V18.0.

Speed Up for small-scale model

Reduced processing time for non-parallel calculation with small-scale model.

Reduces processing waste and speeds up the process from submitting the job in the pre to displaying the result in the post. The effect is high up to about 10,000 elements, and a significant effect is seen up to about 30,000 elements (compared to V18).

There are many new other functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0. For further details, read the following brochure.

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