New SmartCtrl Version 4.1

The ultimate control design tool for power electronics   After over 20 years of experience in the field of power electronics systems SmartCtrl software is being developed as a platform in which, our knowledge related to control in power electronic systems, is collected.   Download the brochure All compensators: With the new enhanced Equation Editor […]

SaberRD : Client Interview – Ingeteam –

Introduction Powersys had the chance to interview Alain Sanchez, IMD-Industrial & Marine Drives, Product Technician at Ingeteam. We invite you to read our interview about the benefits of using SaberRD for his development projects. It will be a point of view more specific and professional. Ingeteam is a company specialising in power and control electronics […]

SaberRD Case Study: How to increase the efficiency of an Electric Vehicle Battery Charging System

How to increase the efficiency of an Electric Vehicle Battery Charging System with Robust Design Capabilities of SaberRD?   The popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) has been expanding rapidly due to government subsidies, their increased range and lower battery costs, and environmental sensitivity. Different energy storage systems configurations can be implemented for EVs. However, the […]

Power Design Technologies and Powersys announce a partnership for the distribution of the power conversion platform PowerForge

    Toulouse (France) – June 1st, 2018     Power Design Technologies, a start-up specialized in power converters design software, announced its partnership with Powersys, a consulting and software company providing global solutions of engineering software and services, for the distribution of its innovative power converter design solution PowerForge.   PowerForge is a powerful […]

New SmartCtrl Version 4.0

The easier and faster way to design the control of your power converter.   SmartCtrl, the control designing tool for power electronics, release its new version 4.0, with an enhanced equation editor and improved digital control module.   New Equations Editor This built-in function supports the definition of customized plants and sensors transfer functions. Multiple […]

New features – SABER 2017.12.

Here is a description of the new features available in Saber software : The Graphical User Interface has been improved and now it is in 64-bits: Thanks to that, SABER can read large waveforms > 2GB.   Updated “EV Powertrain” example: New experiments to guide using the example have been created. For example : The level-1 […]

SaberRD News: Focus on HEV

Introduction Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) development demand more and more accurate simulation of Automotive systems to achieve quality-, reliability and cost-requirements. Reliable vehicle operation depends on successful integration and verification of all drivetrain component interactions under varying operational and environmental conditions. Given the extraordinary complex nature of hardware and software controls in drivetrain design, engineers […]

ProLB: An innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics software enhances Powersys’ portfolio

Powersys becomes the worldwide distributor of ProLB software. ProLB is based on the Lattice Boltzman Method (LBM). Highly scalable, inherently transient, this method revolutionizes Computational Fluid Dynamics by reducing computational time while at the same time increasing accuracy. ProLB (developed by CSSI’ company) is optimized to predict unsteady flow phenomena with accuracy. Low dissipation and […]