HiSpeed Ltd & Powersys will support the electrification of the iconic Norton Motorcycle

PRESS RELEASE Aix en Provence (France) – June 28th, 2022   Norton Motorcycles Begins Electrification Journey   The Project Zero Emission Norton (ZEN) has been awarded funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) Collaborative Research and Development competition, which supports the development of innovative low carbon automotive technology and will help propel the UK in […]

What’s New in Cradle CFD 2021.1

  What’s new in Cradle CFD 2021.1 The Cradle CFD Version 2021.1 is now available as a Multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics solution to enhance your productivity and aid smart manufacturing. Discover the enhancements of scFLOW, scSTREAM, HeatDesigner and SC/Tetra!   Release Highlights in scFLOW   Enhancement of multi-phase flow analysis ​Multi-phase VOF: It is now possible […]

Consulting Stories Part. IX

  Validation of the ampacity of buried cables An important estate company contacted Powersys for a cable warming study. Several underground power cables had to be installed for an important project. The client needed to validate the ampacity of several cables in different configurations, i.e. the maximum current the cables can carry. The main purpose […]

Consulting Stories Part. VIII

  Modeling of a PV plant for integration studies An important building company was preparing a photovoltaic farm project in Central America. Hence, they contacted our consulting service to model their solar farm in CYME Software.   Model   We began by reviewing the farm data to identify which data were lacking. This allowed ensuring […]