New SmartCtrl Version 4.0

The easier and faster way to design the control of your power converter.   SmartCtrl, the control designing tool for power electronics, release its new version 4.0, with an enhanced equation editor and improved digital control module.   New Equations Editor This built-in function supports the definition of customized plants and sensors transfer functions. Multiple […]

New features – SABER 2017.12.

Here is a description of the new features available in Saber software : The Graphical User Interface has been improved and now it is in 64-bits: Thanks to that, SABER can read large waveforms > 2GB.   Updated “EV Powertrain” example: New experiments to guide using the example have been created. For example : The level-1 […]

SaberRD News: Focus on HEV

Introduction Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) development demand more and more accurate simulation of Automotive systems to achieve quality-, reliability and cost-requirements. Reliable vehicle operation depends on successful integration and verification of all drivetrain component interactions under varying operational and environmental conditions. Given the extraordinary complex nature of hardware and software controls in drivetrain design, engineers […]

ProLB: An innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics software enhances Powersys’ portfolio

Powersys becomes the worldwide distributor of ProLB software. ProLB is based on the Lattice Boltzman Method (LBM). Highly scalable, inherently transient, this method revolutionizes Computational Fluid Dynamics by reducing computational time while at the same time increasing accuracy. ProLB (developed by CSSI’ company) is optimized to predict unsteady flow phenomena with accuracy. Low dissipation and […]

SaberRD: Introduction to Electric Vehicle and HEV

Introduction Consumer demand for higher fuel efficiency and decreased vehicle emissions has accelerated the development of pure electric (EV) and hybrid electric (HEV) drivetrains. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (H/EV) development demand more and more accurate simulation of Automotive systems to achieve quality, reliability and cost-requirements. Moreover, reliable vehicle operation depends on successful integration and verification […]

Interview of the customer C&S Group GmbH

Could you please introduce your company? C&S group GmbH started in 1995 as an independent test house for CAN data link layer, physical layer and robustness tests. In the course of time we started offering also tests for LIN, SAE, FlexRay, AUTOSAR and are involved in many different consortiums now. In addition to that, today […]

Saber RD: Focus on Run-time add-on module

Introduction   Saber Runtime parallelizes and distributes iterative simulations across computing resources to dramatically improve throughput and reduce simulation time. The Saber Runtime library works with SaberRD, Saber Functional Safety Add-on, and Saber Inspecs Add-on to minimize the time spent running valuable performance and safety simulations. With Saber Runtime, engineering and safety teams can simulate […]

Utilizing PSIM and Saber together

Powersys is now offering the best combination of software for Power Electronics simulation: PSIM and Saber. With PSIM you have access to an environment for power electronics (power conversion) and motor control including simulator which delivers unbeatable simulation speed while producing high quality system-level results. In addition to that SABER will offer advanced analysis such […]