The new version of JMAG v18.0 has been released. The new functions developed by JSOL Corporation will provide you with improved usability and calculation accuracy. Please enjoy taking full advantage of it.


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What are the key new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0?

Winding editor

Fast and easy creation of your winding without the need to create every single winding. Visualize and modify with simplicity the winding pattern. Parametrize the winding to compare selected winding.

Winding editor pattern Winding editor
Selection of the number of slots and number of poles of your winding. Followed by the selection of the winding parts. Using a simple interface, you will be allowed to create the winding pattern you wish and get a visual feedback of it.

Control in JMAG-Designer

Get the impact of your control drive on the losses and vibration of your FEA model. Get access to new components and the possibility to create your own.Integrate JMAG-RT model in co-simulation in order to speed-up you calculations using control circuit.

Control in JMAG-Designer

Circuit of a Vector control of a PMSM, highlighting the control section in blue and the power circuit in black.

Efficiency Map

Create accurate efficiency map quickly and easily in JMAG-Designer model with a breakdown of the losses each selected operating point. Allowing for parametric studies based on efficiency maps in the early stage of the development. Furthermore, a high precision map can be generated using JMAG control circuits using PWM drive as well as Iron loss studies.
Efficiency map
Efficiency maps can be generated in a parametric study allowing to observe the impact of the magnet width on the machine’s performance. Each map giving a breakdown of the losses at any selected operating point.

Topology optimisation

Explore new design concepts without the need of CAD parameters. Perfect for early design phase as the potential resulting shapes are only limited by the selected design space.
Topology optimisation
Selecting a design space the topology optimisation will optimize the torque and torque ripple of the machine. Changing the shapes of the model from generation to generation to reach the objectives.

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There are many new other functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0. For further details, read Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.18.0 at


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