Transmission, distribution and industrial grid design and simulation

The CYME power system analysis software is a robust, comprehensive suite of advanced simulation tools assisting transmission, distribution and industrial power engineers. The CYME suite of applications was designed to help address the complex and emerging challenges of the electrical engineers that support power network planning and operation.


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A suite to address specific power engineering problems

CYME offers an extensive line of Power Engineering Software that feature some of the most advanced analysis tools for transmission, distribution and industrial power systems.The software is readily available for customers' immediate use in planning and engineering applications. The modules available comprise a variety of advanced applications and extensive libraries.

The software suite is composed of: Distribution Network Analysis (CYMDIST), Industrial and Transmission Network Analysis (CYME), Cable Ampacity Calculations (CYMCAP), Protective Device Coordination (CYMTCC), Grounding Grid Analysis (CYMGRD), Power Quality, Arc Flash Hazards Analysis.


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