Upcoming Events

Type Date Software Name Duration Place Amount
Free webinar 2019/11/20 PSIM Loss Comparison of SiC, GaN, IGBT, and MOSFET devices in a Motor Control Application 1 hour Online Free
Training 2019/11/27 JMAG Basic & Advanced JMAG Training 2 days Heilbronn, Campus Künzelsau, Germany Free
Free webinar 2019/12/03 SaberRD Virtualize power electronic & mechatronic systems to optimize performance 1 hour Online Free
Free webinar 2019/12/04 PSIM Closed Loop Interleaved Boost PFC Design in z-domain 1 hour Online Free
Free webinar 2019/12/10 SaberRD Highly Reliable System Level Design and Simulation Platform for Electrical Vehicles 1 hour Online Free
Training 2019/12/11 EMTP-RV Insulation coordination analysis with EMTP 3 days Chennai, India $115 - $230
Free webinar 2019/12/11 PSIM Powersim + Texas Instruments: How to Simplify Sensorless Motor Drives 1 hour Online Free

Past Events