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Brochures and leaflets

Solutions for electrification in Electric Vehicle and Grid applications. The mission of Powersys is to solve the electrification challenges of our customers by providing them with the right high-performance simulation software and supporting the software integration.

EMTP is the most complete and technically advanced software for simulation and analysis of power systems.

Software Cradle Co.,Ltd. is an innovative provider of computational fluide dyamics (CFD) simulation software.

Customers stories

In this presentation, Fava Elisabetta from Comer Industries show an Oil flow rate optimization of an Axcle with an Integrated input planetary stage for an uphill and downhill path. The simulation with ParticleWorks allow you to predict the oil flow path in the planetary stage when the machine in which it is mounted faces the changes of slope of the ground.

Through our products PSIM and Power Forge, Powersys has sponsored two teams of students (Eolympique and OilForce) from IUT Saint Denis and Paris 13 University for the 12th edition of GIM’EOLE competition. We’re proud to witness that our sponsorship had led both teams to the podium of the competition.

C&S group GmbH started in 1995 as an independent test house for CAN data link layer, physical layer and robustness tests. In the course of time we started offering also tests for LIN, SAE, FlexRay, AUTOSAR and are involved in many different consortiums now. In addition to that, today […]

On-demand webinars

In this webinar, Adarsh Viji Elango from ESTECO, and Sainan Xue and Dheeraj Bobba from Powersys are going to present the design process of a highly constrained multi-dimensional rotor geometry for an electric traction machine using principles of multi-objective optimization. In this solution methodology, the rotor design is evaluated by optimizing the tradeoff between...

This presentation will start with some basic topologies and applications of permanent magnet machines, which will then be evolved into several novel stator and rotor topologies, with a focus on fractional slot machines.

A flexible and modular experimental platform developed to strengthen training and research capacities in the field of photovoltaic (PV) residential systems is presented. It is to investigate the impact of rooftop PV on electrical distribution network such as voltage quality, power losses, but also some emerging solutions as smart hybrid solar inverter with batteries use.

Technical presentations

PSIM simulation has been done to develop the prototype and further commercialisation of the Grid-fed Inverter. Input power is from the Photovoltaic (PV) panels. A DC-DC converter using buck technology tracks the Maximum Power point (MPP) from the PV panel using Incremental conductance Method. The output of the DC-DC converter is a Battery, whose voltage is maintained at the float level.

lectrification has now extended from Rail to Marine and Automotive industries. Additionally, electrified aerospace has shown the potential to be a trend in the near future. In this presentation, some of the key JMAG functions and their applicability together with some practical examples will be reviewed.

PSIM and JMAG combine a Finite Element Analysis tool (FEA) simulation with a power electronics simulation to allow users to do more with simulation while reducing costs and development time.



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