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Brochures and leaflets

Simba is a modeling and simulation software for power electronics engineers. With an intuitive and sleek interface, it helps engineers to analyze and design complex systems such as power supplies, motor drives or grid-connected converters.

Let yourself be tempted by our new interactive POWERSYS brochure. This brochure will introduce you to who we are and what we do to Revolutionize E-design, Accelerate Electrification.

Customers stories

In this presentation, Fava Elisabetta from Comer Industries show an Oil flow rate optimization of an Axcle with an Integrated input planetary stage for an uphill and downhill path. The simulation with ParticleWorks allow you to predict the oil flow path in the planetary stage when the machine in which it is mounted faces the changes of slope of the ground.

On-demand webinars

By avoiding geometry breakdown, a trouble that occurs during dimensional optimization, 100% of the number of individuals required for optimization calculations can now be obtained. Range Finder can be used to ensure that the established geometry required for optimization calculations is obtained while properly adjusting the dimensional range.

The presentation aims at providing an overview on typical optimization topics in the E-machine design process and introduces the methods currently in use. In addition, some JMAG-specific features that are used within the workflow are highlighted and discussed.

The limiting accuracies of state-of-the-art 2D simulations do not always meet the expected precision for performance predictions and auxiliary effects. In this contribution we will present modern approaches and design flows to face the most demanding FEA simulation tasks.

Technical presentations

A time-efficient method is presented that enables the calculation of EESM maps in a short timeframe, with a high degree of accuracy.

In this keynote presentation, we explore the challenges of simulating Axial Flux Machines (AFM) in high-speed traction drive applications using JMAG.

Electrical machines in traction applications are operated in inverter-fed operation over wide speed ranges. The special demands on compactness and high efficiencies of those e-machines lead to high expectations on the FEA simulation accuracies.



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