Software Cradle Co., Ltd. is an innovative pioneer of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. Established in 1984, the company has pursued to offer unique, innovation focused, and highly reliable CFD solutions that enhance customers’ product quality and creativity. Since 2016, the company has joined MSC Software Corporation (headquartered in Newport Beach, California, US), the worldwide leader in the field of multidiscipline simulation, and subsequently became a part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B), a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drives productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes. As a truly global company, Software Cradle delivers all-inclusive multi-physics solutions.

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As its advanced version, scFLOW has been released. It's equipped with more stable Solver that achieves calculation speed three times faster (at maximum) than before, and new Preprocessor that helps entry-level users to build complicated models and high quality mesh. ScFLOW, the new generation software, keeps on evolving.

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ScSTREAM & HeatDesigner

ScSTREAM and HeatDesigner have proven track record for incorporating the latest leading edge technology. ScSTREAM thermo-fluid software has serviced the electronics and architectural industries for more than thirty years. The ever-evolving software is characterized by its overwhelmingly user-friendly interfaces and high speed processing. HeatDesigner is based on scSTREAM and is specially developed for thermal design of electronics products. HeatDesigner provides physical functions required only for thermal design with its simple interfaces and powerful computing performance.

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PICLS is a thermal simulation tool which helps designers easily perform thermal simulation PCBs. Even if you are unfamiliar with thermal simulation, you will obtain a simulation result without stress through the tool'easy and quick operation in 2D. You can import the data of a PCB created in PICLS to scSTREAM and HeatDesigner, that is, you can pass the analysis data seamlessly from the PCB design stage to the mechanical design stage.

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In Postprocessor, you can visualize the simulation results calculated in Solver. It's effective for product design reviews because in Postprocessor, you can check for example, temperature distribution at the places that cannot be measured or observed in the actual products. You can output not only still images but also animations, as well as output files for CradleViewer.

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Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software

You can link this software to another from our offer: JMAG Designer. Using the data output from the electromagnetic analysis software, the effect of heat source distribution due to an electromagnetic field can be analyzed. 

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