The mission of Powersys is to solve the electrification challenges of our customers by providing them with the right high-performance simulation software and supporting the software integration.

Our solutions for electrification by product

As a worldwide engineering software company, Powersys contributes actively to the development and success of vehicle and grid infrastructure electrification at different application levels:
– The design of embedded power systems and mechatronic systems of electric vehicles
– The multiphysics optimization of magnetic and electric embedded equipments
– The cooling of embedded power system equipments
– The integration of EV in the electrical networks
– The modeling, analysis and simulation of power system transients
To achieve this purpose, since 2002, our company has built a unique complementary portfolio of simulation software.

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Our solutions for electrification by service

Powersys engineering team has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of:
– Power systems
– Physical systems advanced simulation
– Robust design analyses.
We provide our customers with the best suited solutions to answer your requirements, objectives and projects in a comprehensive array of engineering services. The success of your projects is our main goal.


By working together with clients, POWERSYS application experts provide assistance to our customers and collect feedback that are taken into account for future software enhancements.

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POWERSYS also provides comprehensive training programs that help you meet today’s challenges and improve your simulation skills. A global training solution is offered for all levels, from beginners to advanced users. All trainings can be held at our customers locations.

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We offer through our associated staff (POWERSYS and partners) a variety of consulting services worldwide to assist you regarding new and emerging problems related to the application fields of our software. POWERSYS has an exclusive team of expert engineers and an extensive experience as developers and users.

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