Consulting Stories Part. VII

  Validation of the grounding system of a substation   An industrial company planned to replace an old substation by a new one. In this context, they contacted our consulting service to analyze the earthing system of the future substation. This part of the project was particularly sensible since the substation was close to communication […]

Consulting Stories Part. VI

  Validation of an electronic component through standard transient simulations   Powersys was contacted by an automotive supplier to determine the robustness of a device they produce for a car manufacturer. This end client wants every pieces of equipment they use to be tested to ensure it can endure some standard voltage transients.   The […]

Powersys and Particleworks Europe are glad to announce a collaboration for the promotion of Particleworks

  PRESS RELEASE Aix en Provence (France) – March 2nd, 2020   Powersys and Particleworks Europe are glad to announce a collaboration for the promotion of Particleworks, a mesh-less liquid flow solver based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS).   Powersys is a consulting and software company providing global solutions of engineering software and services. […]

Consulting Stories Part. V

  Optimization of the design of a motor   A rolling shutters company contacted Powersys to improve a motor used in its products. In particular, the influence of motor design choices on performances had to be investigated using finite element analysis (FEA) software.   FEA Modelling and validation with No-load analysis:   The machine CAD […]

New JMAG Designer v19.0

JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0 is advanced tools that allow searching a wide design space in a short period of time. In addition, functions such as efficiency maps and zooming analysis of existing functions have been enhanced.   » Try JMAG   What are the key new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0? Analysis Parameter View / Dashboard Advanced tools […]

Powersys to sponsor the Conference E-Motor Technology 2020

  Le Puy Ste Réparade, France – February 04th 2020 – Powersys will sponsor the 8th International Conference Advanced E-Motor Technology 2020 that will take place at the Titanic Chaussee in Berlin, Germany, on 11 – 13 February 2020. “To participate actively in the E-Motor Technology conference offers a unique opportunity to show the German […]

Consulting Stories Part. IV

  Impact of a PV farm on the power system   A solar panel manufacturer contacted our engineering office to carry a study concerning the implementation of a PV plant on Transmission system in Africa. The main concern was the effect of this new solar plant on Power System stability and harmonic production.   Modelling […]

Consulting Stories Part. III

  Optimization of the cable configuration using ampacity analysis   Power systems transmit electrical power from one point to another using cables and lines. As every conductor has a resistance, the power transmission cannot be achieved without power losses. Moreover, the magnetic interactions create eddy currents in every metallic part. This eddy currents produce heat. […]

Consulting Stories Part. II

  Development of the Saber model of an injector   Industrial manufacturers that integrate a wide number of parts in their systems commonly require to model it in a unique environment. One typical and most used environment is Saber, since it offers a possibility to simulate an entire complex system involving multiple engineering fields in […]

Consulting Stories Part. I

  Consulting Stories Part. I   Powersys was contacted by the TSO of an island territory. Because of the small side of their Power System, the presence of several solar plants and the big amount of cables, they have frequent stability problems, above all overvoltages. Several compensation solutions are considered. So, Powersys performed a reactive […]