Module Description

PICLS is a thermal simulation tool which helps designers easily perform thermal simulation PCBs. Even if you are unfamiliar with thermal simulation, you will obtain a simulation result without stress through the tool’easy and quick operation in 2D. You can import the data of a PCB created in PICLS to scSTREAM and HeatDesigner, that is, you can pass the analysis data seamlessly from the PCB design stage to the mechanical design stage.


The main features

External file interface

You can import IDF 3.0 and Gerber data.


Real time display

You can check the component translation in real time.


Alert function

You can check parts whose temperature is higher than threshold. 


Linking with thermo-fluid analysis

This feature allows to:

The thermal simulation tool for printed circuit boards

PICLS is a thermal simulation tool specially designed for thermal simulation of PCBs. PCB modeling can be done easily throught simple and quick operation in 2D like E-CAD using layers and PCB manipulating tool. You can import E-CAD data to perform thermal analyses from day 1.



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