Module Description

ScSTREAM and HeatDesigner have proven track record for incorporating the latest leading edge technology. ScSTREAM thermo-fluid software has serviced the electronics and architectural industries for more than thirty years. The ever-evolving software is characterized by its overwhelmingly user-friendly interfaces and high speed processing. HeatDesigner is based on ScSTREAM and is specially developed for thermal design of electronics products. HeatDesigner provides physical functions required only for thermal design with its simple interfaces and powerful computing performance.


The main features

Various methods to represent shapes

The shape of a model to be analyzed can be represented by using the following methods: 



Large scale calculation

In structured mesh, even a complicated model does not need to be modified almost at all and the shape or the scale of a model does not affect the difficulty of mesh generation. In addition, Solver performs a calculation at a high speed in parallel computing and achieves effective processing as the speed increases depending on the number of subdomains.



Parts library

The shapes and conditions of frequently used parts can be registered. Conditions include the allocation position, material and heat generation.


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Heatpath view

The information on temperature of each part and a comprehensive amount of heat release obtained in post-processing of a general CFD analysis is not enought to know the heat path. HeatPathView displays heat paths and the amount of heat transfer in the whole computational domain in a diagram, a graph and a table, allowing you to find the bottleneck of the heat paths easily. 



Thermal confort, heat stress risk and ventilation efficiency indices

Confort indices PMV and SET* can be derived from already obtained temperature, humidity and MRT (Mean Radiant Temperature), as one of result-processing functions. WBGT (heat stress risk indices), and the scale for ventilation efficiency (SVE), of which some indices can be converted to a real time, can be set by one click and the range of calculation area can be selected (for example, either one of two rooms).



Wind tool (outdoor wind environment assessment tool)

This tool helps assess outdoor wind environment. The assessment criteria can be selected from the ones proposed by Murakami et al. and by Wind Engineering Institute. By specifying a base shape and parameters required for wind environment evaluation, the parameters for 16 directions are calculated and the wind environment is ranked automatically. Detailed distributions of air current and pressure per direction can be visualized. 



 Boiling / condensation

With the function, the user can analyze a boiling flow, which is a gas-liquid two-phase flow caused by temperature difference between a liquid and a heat conduction surface. A boiling flow is analyzed as a free surface analysis using MARS method, and latent heat generation and volume change due to bubble growth / condensation are considered using phase change model.  



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