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Module Description

As its advanced version, scFLOW has been released. It’s equipped with more stable Solver that achieves calculation speed three times faster (at maximum) than before, and new Preprocessor that helps entry-level users to build complicated models and high quality mesh. ScFLOW, the new generation software, keeps on evolving.


The main features

Simplification of Preprocessor operations

From the CAD data to analysis mesh data, the required operations are grossly simplified compared to before. The conservation of assembly information and the settings of conditions on the parts bring the sense of continuity from the CAD operations and reduce the operational burden of the users.



Polyhedral mesher 

Using polyhedral mesh elements improves stability and calculation accuracy of cell-centered solver. In scFLOWpre, mesh can be generated acccording to the target number of mesh elements and automatically refined near wall area. The automatic mesher function also enables users to specify mesh refinement level of each part and region.



Discontinuous mesh

Flow with object motion can be calculated including rotation of fans and turbines, and crossing travel of automobiles or trains (translation). The function enables an analysis with consideration on shear heating between rotor and pad in a disk brake. The function also makes it possible to analyze a combination of rotation and translation such as a piston pump.



Fluid-structure interaction

This option is used for two-way FSI (fluid-structure interaction) with structural analysis software. With this option, not only rigid bodies but also elastic bodies can be treated. Deformation of an object caused by a fluid force and the change of fluid caused by the deformation can be analyzed.




When a target phenomenon is in a small range and the phenomenon is affected by a wide range if its surrounding area, analysis results of the surrounding area can be used for an analysis of the target phenomenon as boundary conditions to decrease the calculation load.



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