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Power Converter and Transformer

Problems associated with Power Transformers, Power Converters and Wireless Power Transfer systems are not only related to design matters such as satisfying basic characteristics, but also includes many issues related to testing and maintenance.

For example for Power Transformers, magnetic flux leakage accompanying increased capacity causes localized stray loss in the tank. A coil's dielectric strength needs to be verified by a local maximum electric field. The part arrangement between core and coil or magnetic flux distribution also has an effect on vibration caused by the electromagnetic force.

Moreover for Power Converters, we can simulate both winding and iron losses including the harmonic effects of the drive circuit. This can also be extended to losses generated under surge or fault conditions. With the loss distribution, it is then possible to calculate the temperature rise and include these effects in the thermal analysis.

Finally to determine the efficiency of a Pireless Power Transfer design, you must analyze the power transfer as a function of position and angle. This can be done quickly using parametric analysis tool. This tool will not only predict optimal positioning, but it will also help develop a robust and reliable design.

POWERSYS proposes software, consulting and training solutions, in the field of Power Converter and Transformer.



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