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International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics

Date : 2018/03/26
Place : Salon-de-Provence, France
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The 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics is organized each year by the French Aeronautics and Astronautics Society (3AF) in a different venue in France known for its activities in the field of aeronautics and/or space technology. The conference is an excellent opportunity for scientific exchanges within the aerospace community where aerodynamicists from industry, research institutions and academia meet. Scientists and engineers from other fields involving fluid mechanics are also welcome.


Every year the conference addresses a different topic trending in the field of aerodynamics. It is organized on the basis of five half-days of technical presentations, each introduced by a keynote conference given by a highly recognized expert in the field covered during the session. The conference is concluded by a technical visit in connection with the conference subject.



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