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On-demand webinars

Due to time delay and language barrier, we are happy to propose a sum up of some key presentations of the 2020 Japan User Conference which took place digitally from November 24 to December 11. The three thematics covered through these presentations are: Aerospace, Automotive and Multiphysics/Topology optimization.

In JMAG-Designer Ver.20.0, analysis parameter views and the dashboard have been made even simpler to use. The solver and mesher have continued to be enhanced so that the analysis of large-scale models for high-accuracy evaluations can be performed with ease.

View this on-demand webinar to discover how you can leverage on JMAG, scFLOW, Actran and Romax Spectrum in an efficient process to cope with these challenges and more specifically on Loss and Electromagnetic force calculations in JMAG, Cooling performance and design modifications in scFLOW and Noise and Vibrations analysis in Romax Spectrum and Actran

In this webinar we will demonstrate the complete design workflow that starts in JMAG FEM motor design software and seamlessly flows into controller design and testing in the Typhoon HIL Hardware-in-the-Loop platform.

How to ensure eMotor efficiency and cooling performances while maintaining NVH targets? - Introduction to efficient Multiphysic

In this webinar, We did an introduction to the HVAC modelling capabilities in our new Flownex 2020 Release. Through case studies presented, you’ll get to know the expansion of Flownex’s abilities in the HVAC field

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to set up 2D and 3D coils with JMAG. We also show how to easily carry out coil settings when creating FEA analysis models and avoid causing mistakes in settings

This webinar recording aims at showing model creators how to how to create geometry templates using JMAG. In Jmag, templates can be created using Python.

This webinar recording discusses a few efficient methods for tuning PID controllers and demonstrates how this can be done with ease and accuracy in Flownex.

The webinar will present an oil cooled e-motor case study demonstrating how the use of Moving Particle Simulation (a mesh-less CFD method) can support the design of oil injection and the optimization of cooling efficiency of e-motors.

Parametric analysis function is supported for all studies (magnetic field analysis, iron loss analysis, thermal analysis, structural analysis, electric field analysis, thermal stress analysis, section analysis, and transformer analysis).

FRENCH SESSION - This webinar will show and explain how to use an Electric machine FEA simulation tool and a smart Multiphysics Focused Thermo-Fluid CFD tool and solve the problem of rising temperatures to achieve an improvement in an electric motor’s efficiency and output...

DEUTSCHE SESSION - This webinar will show and explain how to use an Electric machine FEA simulation tool and a smart Multiphysics Focused Thermo-Fluid CFD tool and solve the problem of rising temperatures to achieve an improvement in an electric motor’s efficiency and output...

In this webinar, we will be demonstration the key important functions of JMAG with respect to solver, mesher, coil end winding and wires creation, material modeling, multislice condition for 2D skew analysis, Optimization, topology optimization, efficiency map ...

This webinar aims at defining the different types of poles used in electrical machines, presented by prof. Tim Miller

In this demo, a search is performed for the current phase that maximizes torque for each of 3 rotor geometries. Motor average currents and torque ripples are evaluated using the obtained current phases. When comparing a large number of designs using simulations, torque characteristics can be evaluated ...

This webinar will cover how SaberRD combines ease of use with the power to handle today’s complex electrical power problems, allowing engineers to explore design performance, optimize robustness and assure system reliability for a broad range of generation, conversion and distribution applications...

The design of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (HEV) must support multiple domains design and requires system level verification to assess design behavior against specifications and design standards. The aim of this webinar is to provide an overview of the various technical challenges that can be addressed using a system level simulation platform.

In this webinar we will introduce PowerForge, which has been designed from the ground up to compare a great number of power converter solutions. Sweeping over a wide range of design parameters, and it will automatically generate power converter solutions.

This webinar will present JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0, an advanced tools that allow searching a wide design space in a short period of time. In addition, functions such as efficiency maps and zooming analysis of existing functions have been enhanced...

This webinar will explain how the new Renewables Toolbox of EMTP will help you to conduct wind park (WP) and photovoltaic park (PVP) integration studies. We will present the models, functionalities as well as the benefits of this new EMTP Toolbox.

In this webinar, a case study in which the geometry of an IPM is optimized using topology optimization that uses NGnet is presented. Topology changes and the optimal cases can be checked.

This 2-hour webinar aims at showing how JMAG can help motor design engineers working in the aerospace industry, especially on iron losses and thermal aspects, which are very sensitive topics in the aerospace industry. JMAG allows to get very accurate results thanks to advanced calculation methods and provide electric motor designers with useful features [...]



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