Utilizing SABER with JMAG and PSIM

POWERSYS is now offering the best combination of software for Power Electronics simulation. Zoom on the PSIM-JMAG-SABER Combination With PSIM you have access to an environment for power electronics (power conversion) and motor control including simulator which delivers unbeatable simulation speed while producing high quality system-level results. In addition to that SABER will offer advanced […]

Utilizing SABER with JMAG

For many applications, being able to capture actual system behavior in simulation can lead to a reduction in development and testing time. JMAG’s RT tool provides the user with the ability to export the results from a finite element analysis simulation into a file that can be run in a control simulator environment. At the […]

Collaboration between POWERSYS® and SYNOPSYS®

  As a value-added partner, Powersys will manage Saber Sales together with technical support, training and engineering related to Saber applications.   “Powersys has a proven track record selling and supporting modeling and simulation software to mechatronics and power systems companies. By adding Saber to their existing portfolio, Powersys will enable our mutual customers to […]

Coupled Magnetic Field and Vibration Analysis for Power Transformer

Coupled Magnetic Field and Vibration Analysis for Power Transformer       1. Introduction   The vibration / noise caused by large power transformers were greatly reduced with the adoption of the step lap structure with regards to the iron core. However, with the revision of the JEC-2200 for transformers in November 2014 under the […]

Electromagnetic Interference Between Transmission Lines and Buried Pipelines

For the company, ENGIE Lab Laborelec, we at POWERSYS performed an electromagnetic interference study, in order to evaluate the influences of three transmission lines (220 kV and 70 kV) on a buried gas pipeline. This is according to the standards ITU-T K33 and IEC 60479-1. Different kinds of installations (metallic pipelines, telecommunication systems, power systems) […]

Some key features in JMAG Designer, Version 15

Our JMAG Developer’s will present JMAG-Designer Version 15 during the JMAG User Conference in Japan, and this new version will release in the middle of December, 2015.   Geometry editor Improved usability during geometry generation by using Geometry library. Simply merge geometry data. Add formulas and variable of integer type properties   Mesher Specifies extrusion […]

Electromagnetic forming using JMAG and the CSE of Abaqus

Electromagnetic forming using JMAG and the CSE of Abaqus   1. Overview Electromagnetic forming (EMF) is a type of high velocity, cold forming process for electrically conductive metals, most commonly copper and aluminium. The workpiece is reshaped by high intensity pulsed magnetic fields that induce a current in the workpiece and a corresponding repulsive magnetic […]

Collaboration with ETAP

Aix-en-Provence – July 8, 2014 — ETAP® and POWERSYS® announced today that the two companies are collaborating on an interface between ETAP and EMTP-RV software products that will result in greater analysis capabilities for both platforms in the area of power system transients; switching transients, insulation coordination, lightning surges, etc. As a value-added offering, ETAP’s […]

JMAG Newsletter – March Issue

We are pleased to present you the March issue of the JMAG Newsletter that provides users, customers and potential customers with the latest information about JMAG. The JMAG Newsletter is intended for everybody, from those who are currently using the product to those who have not started yet. By all means, take this chance to […]